The New York Governor Who Is Still Out In The Cold

New York state is the center of America’s intellectual and business community, but as far as recent governors who have been elected, one wonders whether New Yorkers might be better off finding someone in Wyoming to become their governor. The current incumbent, David Patterson, is a nice intelligent man who has worked hard to succeed despite being mainly blind, and for that he should be praised. However, one can only wonder if he would have gone so far if not for the presence of a father who was prominent in New York politics. The antics of Patterson over the past few months leave one shaking a head in amazement that an individual who was raised in the world of politics could display such ineptness as a politician. His handling of the Clinton senate seat ranks close to that of the former governor of Illinois in blundering stupidity.

New York desperately needs an intelligent forceful governor who can challenge the political hacks who run the state legislature. Patterson is not that person. Latest reports even suggest that some of his own key people are deserting the sinking ship. It is time for New York to elect a leader. Perhaps, someone from Idaho could be contacted.