Turkish Headscarf Debate Ends Round I

TheTurkish parliament passed a law that would allow women to wear a heascarf in universities by a vote of 404 to 92. This is the first round of voting and the final passage will take place in a week. Prime Minister Erdogan of the ruling Justice and Development Party, emphasized the importance of the law and argued it ends discrimination against women who are religious. The constitution will now have a statement that “no one can be deprived of their right to a higher education.” Hakki Suha Okay, of the secular Republican People’s Party wanted such a change “will encourage radical(Islamic) circles in Turkey, accelerate movement towards a state based on religion,” and encourage divisiveness within society.

It appears the issue is more than wearing a headscarf or not wearing one, it deals with genuine concerns as to whether or not this move is the beginning of an Islamic drive to impose a sharia law upon a largely secular Turkey.