Weiner For Mayor

I was raised in the most Democratic congressional district of the United States of America so voting for Democrats is in my blood and soul. As I review the motley group which currently are vying for the nomination of the New York Democratic Party it is clear only one man stands out as a leader–Anthony Weiner. OK, so he has a few quirks, OK, so he enjoys his lower half of body, but is that a crime? Anthony is a good Jewish boy, he has the character of a good Jewish boy. He is sexually confused, he enjoys running off at the mouth, he loves his wife as he cheats on his wife, all the attributes of an excellent American political leader. I most admire his fascinating approach to sex. Gee, wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend my days engaging in verbal sex with women? At age 83, that does sound like a great way to spend the day, better than playing Bingo.

Anthony Weiner is the most honest politician in New York. Let me note his platform:

1. He stands with Israel.

2. He has an Arab wife.

3. He is sex crazed.

4. He is for “the people.”

5. He wants every person to have chicken this evening for their meal.

6. He supports the rights of babies.

7. Elect him and every woman on Facebook will be able to engage in verbal sex with a mayor.

Elect the man whose body stands tall for freedom of expression.