Who Needs Grand Jury–He Was A Black Boy!

As one listens to Christian conservatives it is quite clear they are sick and tired of policies which allow those who kill innocent  people to escape being punished. They want justice and they intend to get it regardless of what liberals might think.  I am surprised that Angela Corey, special prosecutor  in a murder case insists she will continue investigating and there is no need for a grand jury. According to her office,  From the moment she took over the case from  former prosecutor Norm Wolfinger, Ms. Corey noted that she might not need a grand jury.”

I originally thought that Ms.Corey was one of those liberals who prefers allowing murderers to get off from punishment. Much to my surprise it turns out that Ms.Corey is a conservative.Oh, the victim was Trayvon Martin, a black boy, and the killer was a nice Hispanic white man. Gee, I wonder if skin color entered into the decision  not to prosecute??