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Pornography In Prehistoric Times Is Still Porno!

There are unconfirmed reports Rush Limbaugh has decided to launch an all out campaign against pornography from Europe which is designed to warp the minds of decent Christians like Rush who divorce wives and hide from military service. A piece of prehistoric pornography which someone carved from mamoth ivory about 35,000 years ago is still pornography and will undoubtedly be investigated by those who seek to end porno in our lives. According to Nicholas Conrad of the University of Tubingen, “there can be no doubt that the depiction of oversized breasts, accentuated buttocks and genitalia results from the deliberate exaggeration of the sexual features of the figurine.”

We in this blog believe there is need for a congressional investigation since there is no doubt Democrats and the liberal media are behind this attempt to slip in cro-magnon pornography and encourage youth to cease being God fearing decent individuals. The issue is not whether porno is 35,000 or 50,000 years old, the issue is when will these damn liberals and porno people stop trying to poison the minds of decent people! If we allow 35,000 year old pornography to enter our society it will open the flood gates of porno from 75,000 years ago and God knows when it will end.

Please Rush, turn away for a moment from your campaign to portray Barack Obama as a stealth candidate trying to slip in reparation payment to lazy black people and focus on the real issues of our time– 35,000 year old pornography!! Oh, and speaking of pornography, do you ever look in the mirror?