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NATO Planes Blast Friendly Workers–Again!

A recurring problem for NATO forces fighting in Afghanistan is there continual failure to distinguish between friendly and unfriendly forces in the nation. NAT) planes on the search for the Taliban, blasted a target that contained people engaged in an American work project. After the bombing ceased, 14 Afghans were dead. According to Sayed Jalili, director of the Kabul-basec construction company, “I don’t think the Americans were targeting our people. I’m sure it’s the enemy of the Afghan who gave the Americans the wrong information.” This has been the deadliest year for the Afghan people since being liberated from the Taliban with 6,000 people killed, including over 800 civilians. NATO command sources insisted they were bombing enemy forces, but admitted, “the situation is not clear at all at this stage. We are carrying out the investigation and trying to get a clear picture.” War is confusing and rarely tidy. Combat operations usually entail a degree of ambiguity, but NATO forces have repeatedly killed innocent people and, in so doing, caused great stress among Afghan leaders who really want to cooperate with their allies, but not at the price of their own people.

The bottom line is that NATO and foreign troops in Afghanistan have come under scathing criticism since the beginning of the year for carrying out air strikes based on poor intelligence that have resulted in the death of many civilians. Perhaps, it is time to re-evaluate the use of so many air attacks.