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US General Believes 15 Month Tour Is Traumatic

The commanding general of Ft. Steward told reporters his troops had done their job in Iraq and returning home after spending 15 agonizing months fighting was a welcome relief for men who had given more than required. He admitted adding three months to a 12 month tour of duty was devastating to morale. “It doesn’t matter if you’re the private or the general, 15 months is a long time.” He pointed out adding the addtional three months meant that many experienced a situation in which they missed out on the same family event twice such as a birthday. General Rick Lynch boasted his division had reduced attacks from an average of 25 a day down to two. “We did our job over there against the dirtbags. We killed or captured aout 6,000.”

The general made note when he referred to the “dirtbags” he meant insurgents, not the Iraqi people. Of course, the maority of the so-called “dirtbags” are those who were born and raised in Iraq.

One of the sad aspects of the Bush war in Iraq is the president is able to attend all family events while those he sent on the mad expedition continually have missed family affairs, not twice, but in some cases, four or five times.