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“China Part Of Solution, Not The Problem”

Great ritain’s environmnet minister, Phil Woods sharply attacked the behavior of India regarding dealing with climate change while pointing out China has taken vigorous steps to confront issues of global warmng. “The Chinese government is part of the solution, not the problem” he said because it understands the problem and is willing to work toward solving it. On the other hand, Woods noted, the government of India continually insists global warming is a creature of Western industrial societies and therefore its solution lies in the hands of its creator. Woods indicated Great Britain is working with the Chinese government to develop an eco-friendly city near Shanghai that would feature a low-carbon fossil fuel power station.

It is understandable why nations like India which only until recently have entered the world’s economic boom are upset that western nations showed total disregard for global warming and now want newly developed nations to bear the burden of its development. Morally, the government of India has a point, but we are all on this plaent together and must confront its issues regardless of who was responsible for creation of problems.