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Deployment System In Tatters

One of the tragedies of the invasion of Iraq has ben the destruction of the deployment system for the American armed forces. There was a time when a soldier knew if he/she was going oversease for a year, he/she would be able to spend a year at least back in the states with family. Today, the deployment system can not guarantee anything. The Air Force is overhauling the deployment calendar for over half the active duty airmen. The new calendar dos away with the promise of four-month deployments for everyone, acknowledging that about half of all airmen will be gone for six months or more, and that they may deploy more often than once every 20 months.

The Air Force standard has been each airman deploying for four months once every 20 months. But that standard couldn’t keep up with the demands of filling all the demands for airmen with special talents. From now on, if an individual has the wrong job description it could mean more deployments and less time at home.