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Putin Third Term Loophole– Listening, President Bush!

A little known loophole has been uncovered in Russian electoral law which might enable President Putin to run for a third term. The current law forbids more than two consecutive presidential terms and states if a sitting president resigns, he can not run for the vacated seat. But, the constitution is silent on the question as to what happens if a president resigns, allows someone else to fill out his term, and then runs for office in the following election. Rumors are circulating around Moscow that President might be considering this option, He has already indicated that if someone else assumes the presidency, he most probably will become prime minister and continue wielding power behind the scenes. Alexander Shokhin, a leading business figure told the press, “It is quite possible for Putin to run as a candidate for the presidency in the 2008 election” if he resigned prior to the completion of his term of office. Many businessmen trust Putin as a figure who has brought stability to Russia. They apparently are more interested in stability than democracy.

Perhaps, George Bush might explore this option. What if he resigned prior to the completion of his second term? Could he then run for president in the 2008 election? I am certain Democrats would welcome such an opportunity to run against the president.