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Leave The Children Alone, Demand Gazans!

Up to 170,000 Palestinians are part of a mass protest against the Hamas-owned TV station, al-Aqsa, for airing a children’s program that told viewers to kill the cartoonist responsible for the controversial Mohammed illustrations. Around 170,000 Palestinians have signed a petition against the station because of its fanatical and extreme views which are being used to arouse children to hate and engage in violence. Behind the signatures were several media organizations from the West Bank which are more moderate on political stances and apparently believe children’s programs should present ideas for children, not for violent adults who believe killing is the solution to all problems.

Hazam Shaarway, program director for Al Aqsa, admitted things had gotten out of control about the station’s attitude toward the Danish cartoonist. “Originally, we only wanted to explain that the prophet did not look like the way he was depicted in the cartoons,” he said. “We will now ensure that better control routines are in place for live transmissions.” However, he defended the station’s right to attack Israel, President Abbas, and other opponents in children programs. I guess Kurt Westergaard is just the latest person the TV station wants to have kiled,

By the way, how does Hamas know what the prophet Mohammed actually looked like?