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Obama And Clinton Meet In Washington D.C.

Senator Barack Obama was supposed to return home last night but when reporters went to see him off at the airport, there was no Obama in sight. The Democratic presidential candidate went to the home of Senator Hillary Clnton for a meeting of the two rivals. Experts are speculating as to the purpose of the session, but most probably it is a first meeting of many that will be held. However, it will be the first ime they have met in which Obama is the victor and she is the vanquished. They must learn how to interact in these new roles. Undoubtedly, the most important initial issue is what Clinton will say to her supporters on Saturday night. They will be discussing issues of reconciliation and how the campaign can become united in order to defeat John McCain.

Hopefully, if Obama has reached a conclusion to select someone else for his vice president, this is the evening to convey the information. There is nothing to be gained by delaying this important information to the New York senator. She should be the first person who learns of who will run for the vice presidency on the Democratic ticket. However, Obama might consider it more respectful to go through a process of exploring candidates before making a final decision.