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Immigrants To Denmark-Who Is Happy? Unhappy?

In 2001, a Conservative-Liberal government assumed power and promised the people of Denmark it would take action to reduce immigration.In 2001, the Immigration service issued 36,000 permanent and temporary residence permits, in 2007, it issued 58,000. In order to make it more difficult to obtain “family reunification residence permits,” age limits were established as well as more stringent rules to ensure immigrants would have greater ties to Denmark than to any other nation. It is now clear there are loop holes in immigration polices such as having foreign nationals study temporarily in Denmark.

Denmark is encountering dramatic increases in the number of immigrants who are entering with study and work permits from nations like Turkey, Pakistan and other areas which have strong contingents already established in Denmark. The push for immigrants comes from businessmen who need workers they just can not find in Denmark. Universities are anxious to increase enrollments and they are reaching out to other parts of the world for students.

The modern world of post industrial societies always shows the same pattern. Business simply can not obtain the needed workforce from existing communities and reaches out across national borders. The unasked question is what would happen if there was a dramatic economic collapse.