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The Tragedy Of John McPalin

Once upon a time there was a decent man named John McCain who actually believed in certain principles of fair play and human decency. He was a conservative, a man who supported anti-abortion policies, but an individual who wanted the American political scene to adhere to basic principles. He ran against George Bush for the nomination in 2000 and was smeared and defamed by an unscrupulous opponent. Some individuals who had endured such smear campaign would have resolved to oppose all those who pursued such political campaigns. But, John McCain met the enemy and decided to become him.

Somewhere in the past year, John McCain became so enamored with the prospect of becoming president, that he decided to change his name to John McPalin and select among the most ignorant individuals ever to run for high public office in the United States of America. Sarah Palin has absolutely no idea what goes on in the world other then what is on her cram sheet. Yet, John McCain who was indoctrinated by his admiral father to always select only top officers for high positions, reached down into the dregs of ignorance, of racism, of bigotry and stupidity to select this creature of stupidity to be his running mate.

John McPalin complains Barack Obama wants to “redistribute the wealth. He has supported Bush policies which distributed wealth of poor and middle class people over to the top 1% of the wealthy. One percent of the American people earn 22% of the wealth. At least fifty million Americans live pay check to pay check. Nearly 50 million lack health insurance including millions of children, but John McPalin’s only concern is protecting those with wealth.

The terrorism campaign about Bill Ayers is among the sleaziest in American history and former anti-Communist Senator Joseph McCarthy must be so happy down in Hell to know another Republican senator will take from him the reputation of being foul mouthed and filled with hate. John McCain died a few years ago and now his brother, John McPalin digs through the garbage of hate and fear. Is John McPalin proud that his running mate is boasting about being in a “real pro-American area” and not among those un-Americans?

Senator McPalin, what would your grandfather and father think about you claiming certain areas of America are more patriotic and more American than others? You sold your soul to the Devil for power. What price salvation now?