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Sarah Palin Insults American Soldiers!

Governor Sarah Palin made another one of her ignorant speeches in which she expressed her appreciation for being in a “real American” area of the country, not like being in big cities where one is never certain people living in them are real patriotic Americans. Perhaps, if the ignorant foul mouthed governor of Alaska knew anything about American history she might have heard of the “Fighting 69th Regiment” composed mainly of Irish men from the streets of New York City who performed gallantly in the Civil War, in World War I and in World War II. Perhaps, she might have heard of the Big Red One Division of George Patton’s army (McCain constantly refers to General Patton) which contained a high percentage of Jewish, Irish, and Italian kids from New York City.

We can certainly excuse the idiot governor, whose husband belongs to a secessionist party, who daily spouts ignorance, but when she insults those who fought for this nation, it is time for all Americans to stand up and denounce the moron from Alaska!

Send an email or letter to the filthy mouth Sarah Palin and demand an apology for her insult to our brave veterans who risked so much for this nation.