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Another Honor Killing In Pakistan!

A Pakistan man says hie 17 year-old daughter was mauled by dogs and shot to death in front of him over a land dispute which was disguised as an “honor Killing.” Female senators staged a walkout from the Pakistan Parliament to protest the nonstop “honor killings: which are carried out by men who unilaterally decide if a woman has conducted herself according to their standards. Lawmaker, Semi Siddiqui, said, “How long will woman be buried alive and made to face hungry dogs? Women are not given their rights.” She made the comment after learning from a newspaper story about the death of Tasleem Solangi who was killed in March, but the event kept secret. Human rights groups in Pakistan believe hundreds of women are killed every year on ground of “honor violations.”

Last August, a Pakistani legislator aroused the fury of many fundamentalist Muslims because he recounted the deaths of five women who were buried alive for daring to decide which man they would marry.

The tragedy of Pakistan is linked to the tragedy daily inflicted upon its women who are forced to adhere to medieval ways of thinking and behaving by men who want power to control women. A 17 year old girl is killed months ago, and the police are finally getting around to investigate the crime.