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Will PSTD Veterans Receive Decent Treatment?

President Bush never loses an opportunity to proclaim his concern for those who fight or to deride his opponents as not supporting the troops. In reality, his administration has under funded programs for veterans and fought against Democratic proposals on pay raises. Defense Secretary Robert Gates finally issued an policy statement requiring the military to follow guidelines in a new law which says soldiers forced to retire due to PSTD ailments will be rated at least at the level of 50%. However, the Pentagon is ignoring a provision of the law which requires a board to review past evaluations in order to determine if anyone was given the wrong rating. Service members are not allowed to receive back pay for an incorrect rating.

It has been common in the Bush era to give PSTD discharges a 10% rating. Fortunately, the new law passed by the Democratic Congress establishes deadlines as to when a request for evaluation is to be handled.