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Mugabe Retreats Deeper Into Fantasy

Once upon a time there was a magical fairy land in the center of Africa that was ruled by a man named St. Bobby who loved his people so much that he would not allow any interloper to have a voice in the government because they might do things to stimulate the economy or provide jobs and food to the people. In the fantasy land of Mugabeland, everyone is happy because they don’t have to waste energy on eating food or working, they can lounge around and watch St. Bobby on television. The beloved president of the land is so concerned about the welfare of its people that he has decided the best way to get food to the populace is to allow a whole bunch of shiftless people to die which means there is more left for those who are still alive.

In the enchanted Mugabeland, there are still some malcontents who refuse to believe if one eats the words spoken by St. Bobby, there is not need for that colonial idea of bread and milk and meat since ten words spoken by our enchanted prince are equivalent to a meal of rice and meat.

OK, so 50,023 people have cholera and 2,773 have died, but look at the bright side– none of the dead or infected people are those who surround the beloved St. Bobby. When St. Bobby says he cares about “the people of Zimbabwe,” he never said he was referring to anyone other than the lackeys and sycophants who surround him.

So, let’s give a cheer for St. Bobby, if he can achieve his dream there will be no one left in Mugabeland but those who like him.