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Will Israel Lose A Close Friend?

Israel has been diplomatically isolated from other nations in the Middle East except for its friendship with Turkey, but recent actions such as the Gaza invasion now cast doubt if Israel will be able to maintain that relationship. An Israel official recently indicated his nation was re-evaluating military relationships with Israel and may not sell their military advanced military equipment. As Turkey moves away from Israel due to its anger, the Israelis will most probably ensure its close friend moves away because when it comes to blunders and ineptness few can compare to the Israel leadership. Common sense would suggest if one is down to only one ally it pays to be sensitive to that friendship and avoid angering Turkish leadership. But, Israel political leaders believe in the righteousness of their cause.

The trade between Israel and Turkey is about $2.6 billion and military equipment accounts for a high percent of that trade. If Israel refused to sell military equipment there is always someone else in the world wiling to do so. Perhaps, it is wise for Israel to involve Turkey in helping it maintain peace and security in the Gaza region.