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Cry The Beloved Country Of Zimbabwe!

The nation of Zimbabwe has suffered more than most countries in the world due to the corrupt and ineffective rule of its tyrant, Robert Mugabe. Millions have fled in search of jobs and food, over three thousand are dead of cholera and over 50,000 infected in a nation whose inflation rate is the highest in the entire world. Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) agreed to join a coalition government knowing full well it would be difficult working with Mugabe. One of his key aides, Roy Bennett was arrested at the airport and charged with treason. Key MDC leaders like Tendai Biti, with gritted teeth expressed their feeling, that the current disaster facing their society, “will make you take a lot of nonsense for their sake.”

The African Union stands to the side, the nation of South Africa remains quiet and the people of Zimbabwe suffer without real friends. No protests are heard in the streets of Paris or London for the African people of Zimbabwe. All one can do is cry for the beloved people of this nation.