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Holocaust Denier Still Denying

Bishop Richard Williamson has been asked to leave Argentine after continuing to make remarks concerning his disbelief that anything such as the Holocaust ever happened. He insists, based on his “research” that historical evidence was “hugely against six million having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler.” The Catholic Church has made clear it is washing its hands of the bishop and he is on his own. Williamson was met by documentary maker Michele Renouf, who believes it is a “disgrace” there is no reasoned debate about the Holocaust.

I hate to inform the good bishop but several thousand books have been written about the Holocaust, there are hundreds of historical works which analyze in great detail every aspect of the Holocaust and there are still thousands who were in the death camps where most of their companions were gassed in the non-existent gas chambers.

Historians have been “debating” virtually every aspect of the Holocaust and have examined thousands of documents from Nazi Germany. There were at least nine million Jews in Europe in 1939 and by 1945 the number was closer to 3,000,000. Perhaps, the six million went to Argentine.