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A Story Of Modern Life– And Death

We pick up our daily newspaper, skim through its pages, perhaps an item catches our attention, we pause for a moment and then proceed to the sport pages. The item noted some Burmese people had died in a truck parked on a deserted highway in the southern region of Thailand. They were just some refugees trying to escape the hell of Myanmar and its crooked, cruel military leaders in hope they could secure some work and food in neighboring Thailand. They were refugees, part of the hundreds of milliions who leave their nation each year in search of a better life somewhere over the hill leading to paradise.

Human traffickers packed 121 people into a 10 wheel truck which used to haul seafood but now only carried human bodies bound for a quiet death on a highway leading nowhere. Villagers alerted the police and when they arrived on the scene, they found 54 dead Burmese migrants, and 23 others who had to be rushed to a hospital. No one knows if the truck ventilation system was broke before they left Burma or if it broke on the voyage. In either case, the 54 gasped for breath until they died where they were standing. The truck driver most probably panicked and fled the scene.

They were just some Burmese workers seeking a job in Phuket but they only found death in Ranong province in a southern region of Thailand.