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Should Taliban Enter Politics?

A top UN official asked Taliban leaders to participate in the August presidential election and abandon fighting. He believes if the Taliban becomes active in the political process it will create the basis for peace in the war torn nation. “Call it reconciliation, or the peace process, whatever you want, but I believe that the opposition should know that those who want to take part in the election and respect the constitution should have an option to do this,” said Kai Eide, head of the UN mission in Afghanistan. There is no sign of any interest among Taliban leaders for participation in any election process. Of course, if the Taliban entered the election and its candidate won the presidential election, does anyone believe a member of the Taliban would be allowed to assume the presidential office? After all, what happened to Hamas when it entered the political process in Palestine?

In the meantime, President Karzai will undoubtedly win the election which means four more years of his incompetent leadership in a nation that desperately needs an honest government that can win the allegiance of the people. There is no indication that Karzai has any goal other than maintaining power–for himself and his cronies.