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As Always In Europe, Blame It On Them Jews!

A member of Sweden’s Center Party decided it was time the world learned about Jewish plots to take over the world. According to Ove Sviden, them clever Jews were behind Adolf Hitler and helped him get power in Germany so the infamous so-called Holocaust incident in which “allegedly” millions of Jews were killed in order to solicit sympathy for a Jewish state in Palestine. “Who won the Second World War? The Jews! They got a state… It’s not a coincidence.” It is clear, Jews conspired with Jewish Adolf Hitler to pretend there were deatgh camps when, in actuality, east European Jews were transported to Argentine during the war while millions were sent to Florida and California where they spent the war in sunny climes.

But, the story gets worse since this intrepid investigator has evidence Jews were behind the 9/11 attack. Confession. I was in Long Island on 9/11 and the night before received a secret message that went out to all Jews in the area. We were warned by Mossad of the coming attack and told to steer clear of the World Trade Center. I know Mossad has spread stories that Jews died in the bombing, but a check of Miami’s telephone directory will uncover the names of those Jews who supposedly died in the attack.

My mystery was how Mossad got my name.

No To Ground Zero Payout!

There supposedly are seven wonders in the world, but assuredly, there is also an eighth wonder–the amount of money that lawyers obtain in any financial settlement dealing with people who have gotten screwed by those in positions of authority. Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein refused to accept a negotiated settlement dealing with compensation for those who worked on the World Trade Center site after the 9/11 bombing. A nine year process of working out a settlement based on a point system would have given some workers a few thousand while others would have received hundreds of thousands. As Judge Hellerstein noted: “I will not preside over a settlement that is based on fear or ignorance.”

The United States without a doubt has among the world’s fiercest lawyers when it comes down to gaining compensation for those who suffer, but it also has those same lawyers who make certain they emerge with millions. The question is: why are lawyers necessary in working out a settlement for those who suffered? Heck,in 1944, the United States government passed the G.I. Bill of Rights to compensate those who served, and not a single penny went to lawyers!

Bush Is Evil, But Did He Organize 9/11?

The ongoing legacy of the Bush administration continues to impact the world, much to the detriment of the United States. A survey conducted under auspices of the Swedish TV program, Kaila Fakte, revealed that while seventy percent of adults blamed al-Qaida for the 9/11 bombing, the percent of those with that view fell dramatically when younger adults were questioned. Of those under age 30, about 50% were uncertain as to whether al-Qaida was responsible for carrying out the terrorist activity.

A basic problem is the Bush legacy leaves so many unanswered questions due to secrecy, torture, and a refusal to open up records to the public. Bush and the right wing media claimed there were WMD and when they were not discovered, TV pundits like Rush Limbaugh simply argued they eventually would be found. That is why President Obama must initiate an impartial investigation into all aspects of the Bush administration ranging from torture of people to reasons for the invasion of Iraq. Until the records are open to scrutiny, there will be doubts as to what actually happened on 9/11.

Veterans Get Short End Of Stick Once Again!

Congress passed a new education benefit bill that was intended to acknowledge the dedication and patriotism of those who served in the armed forces as well as being an inducement for those seeking to remain in service. The bill is called, the “Post 9/11 GI Bill” for anyone who served in the military during that time period. A feature of the legislation was allowing service members to transfer benefits to a spouse or child. However, as always there is something in the small print which says that transfer right was only available to those who were in the service on August 1, 2009. Thousands of servicemen are leaving the military in the coming months and were unaware of the provision so they, in effect, have lost transfer rights.

Dana Beausoleil, was severely wounded in combat and had to leave the military. “I am not eligible to transfer any benefits to my children, even though my disability cost me my military career.” There are times in life when common sense should over-rule bureaucracy. This is one of those examples. Let anyone who served after 9/11 be eligible to all parts of a bill that is designed for those who served after 9/11.

Rudy G. Wraps Self Around 9/11 Flag In Desperation

Rudy Giuliani’s numbers are dropping as Huckabee and other opponents attract voters so the former New York mayor returned to the mantra of 9/11 in order to regain political momentum. He trotted out a new slogan, “Tested, Ready, Now” in order to prove, to an increasingly doubting audience, that he was then and is now the man of the hour. “I saw it on the morning of September 11, 2001,” he told an audience, “there were points on that day, that morning too, where I wondered whether we had the strength to deal with this, the worst attacks in our history, unprecedented, horrific.” He then pulled out the tear jerking image of fire fighters who put the American flag at Ground Zero as a symbol of courage that supposedly connected to his actions that day. He concluded with his usual bragging comment, “I’ve met adversity before, I’ve led in situations that seemed hopeless and dire in need of a miracle. I don’t just hope for miracles. I expect miracles.”

Al Smith, a former governor of New York, used to say, “let’s look at the record” when dealing with someone’s claims to be excellent. OK, let’s look at Mayor Giuliani’s record on September 11, 2001. Despite warnings from experts that a crisis command center should be underground, he placed New York’s command center in the Twin Towers, Despite warnings about the failure of radios and communication facilities that cropped up in the terrorist bombings in the 1990s, he did nothing. His failure to have an effective communication system undoubtedly was partially responsible for deaths of firemen and policemen. Firemen wanted to continue rescue operations and he closed them down. The “brave” mayor walked around New York City with dozens of policemen and faced absolutely no danger of anything other than diverting needed policemen from where they should have been– at Ground Zero. The United States of America did not face any dire threat to its security, there was no need of any “miracle” because our armed forces were sufficient to handle any external threat. The attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 DID represent a threat since most of our Pacific fleet was sunk. Perhaps, Mayor Giuliani, who boasts of his heroism, can explain why every major fire fighting organization opposes his nomination as do most police organizations. If he was such a “hero” why do those who actually did heroic things on that terrible day regard him as a bragging blowhard who talks and talks?

Senator McCain Attacks President Bush For Failing At Leadership

Senator John McCain of Arizona unleashed a blasting critique of President Bush’s failure at leadership in the aftermath of 9/11. The senator said: “I believe that the big mistake that our leadership of our nation made after 9/11 is we told people to go shopping and we told them to take a trip.” McCain said Bush should have called upon the American people to join the military and take an active role in fighting terrorism in the world. He is confident thousands would have responded to a call to act in a patriotic manner. McCain was also critical of Hillary Clinton for voting to attack Iraq and now changing her mind.

It is ironic that McCain is now saying the American people after 9/11 should have been asked to sacrifice for their country. Senator McCain voted for the Bush tax cuts that benefited wealthy people in this nation and it is difficult to recall a single bill introduced by the senator from Arizona which required sacrifice on the part of Americans. He loyally voted for war in Iraq, he loyally supported every Bush action, and now McCain is claiming mistakes were made in leadership. It took McCain four years to change his mind about Bush’s leadership capacities, but now he is upset that Senator Hillary Clinton changed her mind about the war in Iraq. Senator McCain, if you can change your mind, so can everyone else.