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Abbas Challenges Israel To Work for Peace

An ongoing complaint by Israel leaders has been ‘there is no one among the Arabs who lis serious for peace so why should we waste our time in negotiations?” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has decided to provide concrete evidence that Palestinians are willing to go the extra mile for peace by making an offer that simply can not be refused by any sensible Israeli government. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Abbas has offered not merely to match the offer of West Bank land Israel settlers can keep, BUT TO DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF LAND!! He previously had offered 1.9% of the West Bank to Israel in exchange for an equivalent area in Israel but is now willing to go as high as 5% in order to achieve peace.

A spokesperson for the Palestinian Authority made clear of the seriousness of the offer which emerged from discussions with US representative George Mitchell. “We want Mitchell to succeed because his success is our success.

The ball is in the court of Israel. Can Benjamin Netanyahu reach beyond his petty religious allies and seek a peace that Israelis had long desired?