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Syria Blamed For Inciting Violence In Middle East

In the aftermath of the tragic events in Jerusalem, President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority urged continuation of peace talks while a seniior Egyptian official told the Jerusalem Post, “Syria may be interested in focusing international attention on the situation in Gaza and the West Bank instead of the situation in Lebanon.” He insisted the “current escalation on the Palestinian front is in the interest of the Syrians.” They are using Hamas to further their own goals in Lebanon and halting fighting between Hamas and Israel would only serve to refocus attention towards Lebanon whose government situation has been paralyzed for months.

President Abbas insisted peace efforts must continue “despite all the circumstances we’re going through and all the attacks we’re experiencing, we insist on peace.” An Israel spokesperson said his nation was ready to resume peace discussions but would not indicate a date when that would occur. The seminary shooting has seriously damaged efforts on the part of Egypt to play a role in establishing conditions for a cease fire in the Gaza area.

Palestinians in Gaza went into the streets to shout approval for the death of innocent people in Jerusalem even as they express anger at the death of innocent civilians in their own area. Their expressions of joy make a mockery of the death of innocent civilians in Gaza.