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So, What Happens If The “Good Guys” Steal Election?

Eight years ago, American forces under leadership of the world’s loudest voice for “democracy”– according to the standards deemed appropriate by the Republican Party– proclaimed US troops were freeing the people of Afghanistan from the tyrannical rule of the Taliban. Instead, they have been granted the right to live in a nation governed by the tyrannical rule of Hamid Karzai. Eight years have passed during which period, the Taliban once again became a force in Afghanistan due to the inept, corrupt rule of Karzai and his friends.

The election for a new president appears to be a virtual tie although Karzai insists he won an overwhelming majority. His major opponent, Abdullah Abdullah, insists he holds a slim majority. Reports abound of widespread fraud in southern areas of the country where Karzai’s Pashtun ethnic group inhabits. Abdullah has raised the prospect of a new civil war should Karzai steal the election. Added to the electoral confusion are reports Obama’s representative, Richard Holbrooke, had sharp words for Karzai insisting there must be a runoff.

From the Karzai perspective, if you knew before the election, you were winning by a wide majority why would you allow some westerner to tell you what to do! It’s rather simple:

Taliban are bad and intimidate people to vote.
Karzai is good and intimidates people to vote.
Therefore Karzai is the winner since the good guy always wins.

P.S. We men all agree there is no need for women to vote. After all, this is a Bush style victory for democracy!