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An Apology Is Owed-Quit Dodging Australia

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is pushing hard for an offiical apology by parliament regarding policies that lasted for generations in which Aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their parents and given to others. Some members of the opposition are quibbling over wording, and Rudd told them, “you either support an apology or you don’t, and the language of it and how we approach it in overall terms should be clear as the week progresses. Members of the opposition party are divided and their indigenous affairs spokesperson, Tony Abbot, said there would be support if the wording “is reasonable” and wanted a balanced perspective to be presented. Abbot did not believe wording should ‘defame previous generations” or pretend nothing but “ill had come from policies of the past.”

The Abbot argument is akin to Nazi German supporters wanting the world to know Hitler constructed good roads and that should be cited in any evaluation of the horror of Nazi Germany. Previous generations of Australians behaved in ways that were, and are, reprehensible in terms of human rights.