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Nicaragua Bans All Abortions!

The government of Nicaragua has banned all abortions regardless of how the woman was impregnated or whether or not the pregnancy is a threat to her physical health. Amnesty International discovered that many young girls who have been subjected to sexual violence by family or friends are forced to give birth to children who might be their own brother or cousin. Statistics reveal a record number of pregnant teenagers who committed suicide by consuming poison and about 33 girls died in pregnancy last year. Former radical leader Daniel Ortega who once fought for women rights decided getting elected was more important than adhering to principles of social justice. Once elected he pushed through a blanket ban on termination of any pregnancy.

The lunacy of the ban on abortions includes criminal penalties against doctors and nurses who treat a pregnant woman or girl for illnesses such as HIV or cancer if such treatment could cause injury or lead to the death of the embryo or foetus. As Amnesty International executive deputy secretary general noted: “there is only one way to describe what we have seen in Nicaragua–sheer horror. Children are being compelled to bear children.”

How can any church support such laws and term themselves followers of Jesus Christ?