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Abortion Foes Fail In Great Britain

A coordinated attack on British abortion laws failed when Parliament rejected one effort after another to declare abortion a crime. The campaign was pushed by many members of the Catholic Church hierarchy who pleaded for an end to abortion. Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, used the debate on human fertilization and embryology as a lever in which to end abortion. “The country as a whole is becoming aware that 200,000 or so abortions a year is not only sad but also somehow very wrong.”

Many Parliamentarians were concerned over the use of a debate on scientific research to quietly push through an abortion limit. The House of Commons rejected attempts to reduce the upper limit of 24 weeks as well as throwing out other attempts at restrictng the right to an abortion. Liberal Democrat MP, Evan Harris, summed up the feelings of most members of Parliament. ‘Parliament has made the right decision, regarding women’s rights to access abortion and taking the advice of the medical world about what the appropriate time limit should be.”

Clinton Not Welcome, Says Catholic Archbishop

Archbishop Jose Gomez of San Antonio, made it clear that Senator Hillary Clinton was not welcome at St. Mary’s University because of her support for abortion rights and stem-cell-research. He apparently was responding to numerous emails and phone complaints about Clinton’s appearance at the local university. The Archbishop was upset at lack of contact from university officials concerning her talk. “I was neither advised nor consulted by the university before the decision was made to have Senator Clinton speak at the university.”

St. Mary’s University is an independent liberal arts college and there is no reason why it must clear the names of speakers with an archbishop. It is the duty of universities to offer an open forum to speakers holding diverse views. A Catholic university that allows abortion supporters is not “giving a platform” for abortion, it is allowing students the right to make informed choices.