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Afghan Girls Attacked With Acid By Taliban

The Taliban brand of the Muslim religion condemns women to ignorance and servitude. During the Taliban rule of Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, girls were banned from attending school and were only allowed to leave their houses wearing a body-hiding burqa and accompanied by a male member of the family. Afghan girls have returned to school and this has aroused the fury of the Taliban who are engaging in campaign of terror and intimidation. The Mirwais Mena girls’ school in Kandahar is now empty of its 1,500 students after Taliban thugs sprayed a group of girls and their teacher with acid. They squirted acid at fifteen girls who were leaving the school with their teacher. The princial, Mehmood Qaderi, said their were several such attacks carried out in the neighborhood. “Today, the school is open, but there are no girls.”

The teacher who was with the girls, Susan Ibrahimi, said, “they didn’t say anything. they just stopped the motorbike, and one of the guys threw aid on us and they went away. The acid left burns on her cheek. There really is nothing to say about such animals who hurt little girls. There is nothing in the Muslim religion which allows such behavior.