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Israel Government Mishandles Traffic Incident

The incident began when an Israel Arab drove to the home of one of his children and either did not realize it was the eve of Yom Kippur or decided to go ahead with his trip. A mob of Israel Jews descended on Tawik Jamal and proceeded to beat him up for what they considered to be a desecration of a holy day. The incident sparked three days and nights of conflict between Israel Arabs and Jews and the end result was violence and anger in an area that had not witnessed such feelings. Mr. Jamal was arrested for “harming religious sensibilities, speeding and reckless endangerment.” MK Ahmed Tibi expressed his anger at the arrest of the motorist and said it represented arresting the victim of a “lynch mob” to protect those who were in the mob.

Ironically, the man who was beaten by the mob had no thought of creating any disturbance and felt sad about what had occurred. “If what I did caused this,(the riots) I am ready to sacrifice my neck.” These are hardly the words of a man bent on interfering with the high holy days. Mr. Jamal had worked with committees to foster friendship between Jews and

There is no excuse for arresting such a man. It represents an example of allowing a lynch mob to attain its goals.

Hope And No Hope In Acre

The incident began when an Israeli Arab drove his care through a Jewish neighborhood on the eve of Yom Kippur. His window was open and music filled the air. To some Jewish people on the street, the appearance of a car, let alone one that blared music, was a deliberate insult to the Jewish religion and had to be dealt with by attacking the man in the car. The result was three days of rioting and shouting curses and hatred. Finally, a delegation of rabbis and President Peres met with Arab leaders of Acre to discuss the situation and find a way to attain peace. The Arab leaders apologized for the man’s behavior and the group discussed ways of forming a committee to avoid further such events.

However, the chief rabbi of Acre, Yoseph Yashar, was not satisfied with talk of peace and reconciliation. He was upset that the Arab leaders not only deplored violence toward Jews, but also Jewish violence toward Arabs. “s long as they(Arab leaders) link in the same breath the riots of Arabs on Yom Kippur eve with the acts of vengeance carried out by Jews in response, it will be very hard to calm things down.” Spoken like a true believer in peace and love to all human beings.

Jews-Muslims Don’t Atone For Religious Stupidity

The religious wars erupted in Israel when a Muslim driver went through an Orthodox neighborhood committing the heinous crime of playing his car radio too loud on Yom Kippur. A group of Jewish youths assaulted the driver accusing him of deliberately making noise on the holy day. Rumors spread through Arab neighborhoods that the motorist had been killed which prompted several Arabs to take to the streets with their protest. Rioters from both sides hurled rocks at each other. Not surprisingly, an ultra-nationalist MP, Arieh Eldad claimed Arabs had been engaged in a “pogrom.”Arab MP, Mohammed Barakeh blamed “Jewish fascist gangs” for the turmoil. Finally, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni came to Acre to attempt calming down people about the conflict.

Religion is supposedly the source of peace and justice. A motorist played some music on his car radio. One can assume since he was driving a car it would only be a matter of moments before he was out of the neighborhood and that would end the entire matter.

By the way, my grandfather was beaten up in the famous 1905 pogrom in Russia. There was no Arab “pogrom” in Acre.