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Joking In Myanmar= Jail Time!

The military thugs who run Myanmar waited several months after their disastrous policies which made the hurricane an even worse event in their nation’s history. They waited until attention had shifted to other world issues such as declining economies before revealing their own brutal faces. Several courts in Burma have sentenced a popular comedian and a hip hop star to long terms in jail for joking about the joke that is known as government in their country. Their sentences were part of a large scale round up of dissidents in order to stifle any opposition when the so-called “elections” are held in 2010. The comedian, Zargana, had cracked some jokes last June about the government’s incompetency in dealing with hurricane relief and for his comic attitude, Zargana will spend 45 years in jail. The rap star Zayar Thaw was sentenced to a six year jail term for anti-government comments.

It is estimated about 100 activists including Buddhist monks have been arrested in the past two weeks. They have been sent to squalid jails where they will languish for years since democracies in Asia such as India prefer making money than making democracy flourish.