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Israel Detention Law Violates Human Rights

The Israel administrative detention law which allows people to be arrested and held is among the most un-democratic aspects of Israel society. Sham Salah watched as her 16 year old daughter was grabbed by Israel soldiers and taken away without any charges being brought or any explanation offered as to why the 16 year old girl was kidnapped into prison. Once in jail, the girl discovered that her 16 year-old cousin had also been detained. After four months without a trial, the only information their lawyer, Sahar Francis can obtain is the Israeli police believe the teenagers are dangerous to the security of the nation. Questions posed by the lawyer asking for specifics go unanswered.

A demonstration organized by the Coalition of Women for Peace demanded the girls be charged with something or released. Adi Dagan made clear, “we oppose the use of administrative detention because it is undemocratic.” Such procedures which imprison teenagers can only be interpreted as