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Denmark Adopts Same Sex Adoption

There is now a parliamentary majority in Denmark which supports the principle of same sex adoption. The proposal would give partners registered in civil unions the right to adopt unrelated children both domestically and internationally. Denmark law currently allows individuals to adopt regardless of sexual orientation and for couples to adopt their partner’s existing children. The new proposal simply allows any civil union to adopt children. Denmark will shortly join other Nordic countries such as Norway, Sweden and Iceland in allowing such adoptions.

The movement toward extending equal rights to all people regardless of their sexual orientation is progressing, perhaps slowly, but it proceeds and within a decade this issue will not longer be of importance in most nations of the industrial world.

Adoption-National Or International?

Local institutions in the Czech Republic are advocating changes in adoption laws that would allow children to be taken by people from throughout the world. A recent panel of European experts agreed while primary focus should be placed within their own nation, but if the best place is elsewhere. Since 2000, only 277 Czech children have been adopted by families outside of their nation. In reality, the majority of children who are adopted by parents living outside of the Czech Republic, were of Roma background. A theme raised at the conference was that “Czech parents are very picky. They practically require a warranty with their adopted child. They expect guarantees that the child will be always healthy, extremely talented, get good marks at schools and to to university. foreign parents are much more tolerant.”

A common complaint was the lack of interest on the part of the Czech government in regard to issues of adoption. They place bureaucratic blocks in the way of adoption which results in many children facing the prospect of remaining in an institutional setting. One study indicated Czech children who were placed with Italian parents are very happy and more relaxed.