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Gays Need Not Apply To Our Ad For Gay Recruits-Confused?

The Army, Air Force, and Navy have been advertising for recruits on GLEE.com, a networking Web site for gay professionals. Upon realizing the advertising campaign was aimed at gay recruits, Major Michael Baptista said:”We don’t knowingly advertise on that particular Web site” because it does not “meet the moral standards of the military.” Most military jobs that were posted were aimed at finding people to fill positions they have been encountering difficulty in filling. Steve Rails of the Service members Legal Defense Network, a gay advocacy group, commented that gays “have been drummed out of the armed forces for using sites like GLEE.”

At which point will the silliness and immorality cease of allowing men and women to die who are gays and lesbians while at the same time insisting they are not wanted? The positions being advertised are difficult to fill, wouldn’t it make sense to get qualified people to fill them? I find it most ironic that gays and lesbians are kicked out of the armed forces for going to Web sites on which the military is advertising!