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Afghans Protest American Raids

Hundreds of Afghans chanted anti-American slogans to protest the deaths of nine policement who were killed during American offensive actions. According to Abdullah Nasir of the province’s government, “coalition forces launched an operation north of Ghazni. Unfortunately, we got reports that second district commander Kamyag along with eight other officers were killed.’ The US led force insists they killed insurgents, but an Internet report claimed to see the officers approach coalition forces only to be fired upon.

There are always accidents in any war, but the increasing number of civilians being killed by coalition troops indicates something more complex may be at work. Apparently, there is lack of effective communication between Coalition troops and local Afghan leaders. There is also the factor of placing great dependence on air strikes which invariably result in the death of innocent civilians. This problem cropped up during the Vietnam war which also relied upon air planes to “kill insurgents.” Flying thosands of feet in the air while going hundreds of miles per hour invariably results in the death of innocent people.