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Taliban Kill Teenage Boy For Teaching English

A sixteen year-old Afghan boy was teaching his classmates English when Taliban soldiers stormed into the school and dragged the boy outside where he was then killed. Police arrived shortly after the incident and killed two members of the Taliban. The leadership of the Taliban has denied responsibility for the murder, but this tends to be standard practice whenever the organization is caught doing an unpopular killing. The Afghan Taliban is now at the stage where a central leadership is lacking so small units undertake operations without direction or control. Most fighting against the Taliban is now occurring in southern regions of Afghanistan.

There is scant doubt the present situation is becoming more dangerous for the people of Afghanistan and coalition forces. The US refused in 2001 to completely demolish the Taliban and allowed them to escape into Pakistan. It is now a “Catch-22″ in which as Pakistan descends into chaos it becomes increasingly more difficult to eliminate Taliban hideouts in Pakistan. The government of Afghanistan is under funded, lacking sufficient troops, and increasingly unpopular with its poppy eradication program.