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Coalition Forces Mass On Pakistan Border

There is an apparent build up proceeding of coalition forces which are stationed on the border of Pakistan. Villagers and officials in the area, claim hundreds of coalition troops have been airlifted to the border area near the Lawara village. One official said: “The coalition troops have started to strengthen their positions after setting up camp in the border areas adjacent to the Pak-Afghanistan border and US helicopters have ben spotted hovering over target areas as support.” There are unconfirmed reports American helicopters are transporting tanks and other heave equipment for an operation. Pakistan General Athar Abbas played down the situation saying it was probably a routine movement and the media had created “unnecessary hype.”

The Pakistan general admitted “we have no co-ordination and communication with each other.” However, other reports indicate the Pakistan army in the area has been placed on full alert. A spokesperson for coalition forces insists troops are merely dealing with issues on the Afghan side of the border and there are no plans for operating inside Pakistan without permission of its government.

This may simply be much ado about nothing but there is growing evidence from statements by President Bush and other American officials that something could happen such as an incursion into Pakistan on grounds there is need for hot pursuit of fleeing insurgents.