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Obama Is No John Kennedy!

In the spring of 1961, incoming President John Kennedy went along with a plan devised by his predecessor, Dwight Eisenhower, for the CIA to sponsor an invasion of Castro’s Cuba. There was no uprising when Cubans hit the beach and their American sponsors pleaded with Kennedy to send in the Marines. He refused. In 1962, the Soviet Union placed real missiles in Cuba. Again there were military voices urging bombing and an invasion. President Kennedy refused to go along and worked to resolve the issue by diplomatic means. President Barack Obama has inherited a mess in Afghanistan. Voices are pleading to get tough and send more troops. Even before developing a plan, Obama has sent 17,000 more troops and he has pledged to “stay on the offensive.”

President Obama insists there will be a new “more comprehensive strategy” which supposedly will wipe out the Taliban. Unfortunately, Obama echoed the words of George Bush by daring to claim that victory in Afghanistan was needed “in order for us to keep our homeland safe, in order to maintain our way of life.” Come on. This is pure rhetoric and has no connection to reality. If the Taliban gain control of Afghanistan, its people will suffer, but we Americans will go on with “our way of life.” We have heard enough of George Bush platitudes. Obama should be ashamed of himself for mouthing this hogwash!