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Get Out Danes And Dutch Shout Afghans!

Hundreds of Aghans protestors burned Dutch and Danish flags and demanded the ouster of troops from their nation who are fighting to protect Afghanistan aganst the Taliban. They wer angry at cartoons published in Danish newspapers that allegedly insult the Prophet Muhammad and an upcoming picture in the Netherlands which atacks the Koran. The crowd which had gathered in the capital of Logar province said: “We demand the government kick the Dutch and Danish troops out of Afghanistan because they are the ppuppets of Christianity.” Aleem Siddique, spokesman for the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan urged calm saying, We believe in the importance of oveercoming misunderstanding and animosities betwen people of different beliefs and cultural traditions through peaceful dialogue and mutual respect.”

United States and NATO forces have been fighting for seven years in Afghanistan to foster democratic values, but apparently the basic belief of free speech or the concept of a free press are foreign to many people in Afghanistan. In neighboring democratic Pakistan, Foreign Ministery spokeman, Mohammaed Sadiqu said there was a difference “between freedom of expression and license to insult.” I hate to tell the people of Afghanistan who don’t want Christians around that if Christians left their nation, it would be up to them to defeat the Taliban.

Muslim newspapers throughout the world continually depict Jews in demeaning ways but apparently there is license to insult Jews since that is merely freedom of expression. Danish newspapers have a right to print cartoons and a Dutchman has a right to make a film. If Muslims don’t like the cartoons or film then have nothing to do with them. It would be a powerful message if Muslim clerics denounced the continual insults directed at Jews in the Muslim press and media.