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Ever Get Feeling You Don’t Want To Go?

There is a nasty war going on in Afghanistan and some soldiers did not think fighting in the mountains of that country was what they signed up for in the military. Lance Corporal Joe Glenton has become famous to anti-war advocates by speaking out against serving in that hell hole. He even went further by going AWOL and found himself in a military jail. Judge Advocate Emma Peters gave him some bad news by informing Joe: “there are many soldiers in the army who have extremely unpleasant experiences, who watch friends die or suffering appalling injuries, but they have to return and do their duty.” He was sentenced by the military to nine months in jail and demoted for going AWOL.

Joe’s family and anti-Afghanistan war advocates charge he is being punished for speaking out against the war. In modern times, privates and sergeants get punished while those responsible for deaths, get appointed to boards of directors and make millions. Ah, the fruits of war.

Finnish People Support Afghanistan Mission

A poll on Finnish attitudes toward their involvement in the war in Afghanistan revealed that half the population supports the effort despite the reality Finnish troops are quartered in dangerous areas of Afghanistan. Around a third of those polled would like to pull troops out while 16% have no opinion. A surprising aspect of the poll is that those over 50 years of age, about half want troops back home while younger Finns are more supportive of the operation. Of the 29-34 year-olds, no less than 59% want troops to remain fighting in Afghanistan. Ironically, the bulk of respondents do not believe objectives of the NATO operation will be achieved in Afghanistan.

These results stand in sharp contrast to young people of the sixties who began the anti-war movement to end fighting in Vietnam. Perhaps, the lack of a draft means one can take a macho image of fighting since someone else other than you will do the fighting. Where have all the idealist young people gone? Were have all the flowers gone– gone to graveyards everyone!!

Price Of Patriotism — Get Fired!

The current “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan have to rank among the most unusual in American history. They are fought by a group of volunteers numberings about 1,500,000 who daily risk their lives even as the remaining 300,000,000 go about their business of work, leisure, schooling and safety. At least during the Korean and Vietnam wars, there was a draft to ensure a wider range of Americans actually participated in the task of defending their nation. Those who serve return home in an anonymous fashion to people who didn’t even realize they had left. Tim Nolan who lives in Vermont encountered an even more dramatic example of indifference on the part of Americans when he lost his job because of being deployed.

Nolan, along with several other correctional officers was hired at the

Rush Limbaugh-Listen To Admiral Mullen!

For years right wing conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs have ranted on about “liberals” who besmirched the name of America with their complaints concerning mistreatment of prisoners. Admiral Mike Mullen, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently commented: “that’s why images of prisoner mistreatment at Abu Ghraib still serve as recruiting tools for al-Qaida.” He insisted the only way to win in Afghanistan was to capture the hearts of its people, a goal that liberals have been urging for years and have been ignored by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the right wing conservative media. “We can send more troops. We can kill or capture all the Taliban and al-Qaida leaders we can find–and we should. We can clear out havens and shut down the narcotics trade. But, until we prove capable, with the help of our allies and Afghan partners, of safeguarding the population, we will never know a peaceful prosperous Afghanistan.”

There is no doubt this soft headed liberal who is in charge of America’s military forces would never succeed on the 24 show because he doesn’t think torturing or killing will solve anything. As Mullen put it in his own liberal point of view, “lose the people’s trust, and we lose the war.” Are you listening Rush and Lou?

Drugs And Troops In Afghanistan

One of the recurring nightmares of the Vietnam War was entrapping thousands of American soldiers in the clutches of drugs. A new report from Canada raises issues concerning how being in Afghanistan will impact its nation’s soldiers in regard to the use or sale of drugs. “Access to illicit drugs in Afghanistan is routine,” reads the report. “Easy access to heroin, hashish, cannabis presents a temptation for (Canadian) troops in the form of personal use and in the form of importation for the purpose of trafficking.” The war in Afghanistan is one in which brutality becomes the norm, in which planes drop bombs on “terrorists” and in the process kill innocent civilians which requires finding explanations for killing the innocent as well as the guilty.

We inhabit a world in which both selling and using drugs have become normal activities in even the most middle class neighborhoods as well as among those in poverty. The report indicates as of this point there is no widespread Canadian use of drugs, but the future is less clear. Why assume that soldiers are not subject to temptation of money?