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Kabul Suicide Bombing-Yesterday’s And Tomorrow News?

It was another suicide bombing and even as one reads these words, the dead and headless bodies have been picked up and sent to a mortuary. NATO will issues a strong statement concerning its intention to continue the fight, five American families will receive notice of the death of their loved one, and reporters will interview civilians who witnessed the incident and they will offer horrid descriptions of the corpses. The Taliban will announce a victory, a dead Afghan’s family will hail him as a hero who is on the road to heaven. President Obama will announce his continued support of the Karzai government despite this latest example of incompetence. The Kabuki dance of death continues in Afghanistan.

It seems a very, very long time ago when candidate Barack Obama promised to end the futile fight in Afghanistan. The war is being lost because once again, America believes corrupt, incompetent leaders can overcome those who have gained support of average people. The issue is not whether there will be another carnage caused by a suicide bomber, but when will it occur?


A controversial new documentary dealing with Danish soldiers fighting in Afghanistan has raised questions as to whether the soldiers were acting in accordance with international law while engaged in combat. In one scene shown in “Amadillo,” Danish soldiers are seen throwing hand grenades into a nearby Taliban installation and then descend on the insurgent troops and blast away until all are dead. Chief of Danish Defense, Knud Bartels, has requested an investigation in order to determine if this behavior was in violation of international war conventions. Henrik Sommer, who heads Danish operations in Afghanistan, responded; “Afghanistan is crazy and a complicated place and I am not a military expert. So, I don’t want to make any comments on it for political debate” and went on to argue for more effort on economic assistance in the country.

The ten part series in America entitled, “Pacific” depicts US Marines fighting the Japanese in the Pacific. The brutality of the fighting led to killing prisoners on both sides, both sides killing civilians and even use of flame throwers when Japanese troops refused to surrender while hidden in caves. War stinks. Why? Because it dehumanizes decent individuals.

Republicans Concerned About Afghanistan And Iran

Several c congressmen have suddenly developed an interest in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and are demanding greater support for soldiers fighting in those areas. This is certainly a refreshing turn of events, given that Republicans never demanded anything while George Bush was president other than slavish devotion to his ideas. Now, they wonder if we need more troops in Afghanistan, and they want fresh ideas in dealing with Iran’s nuclear program. Where were the Republicans from 2001–2009 when their party controlled the executive? Why didn’t they insist in 2002, or 2004 or during any of those years that America should be training an Afghan army?

In 2001, the reform Iranian government of President Khatami offered to negotiate the end of its nuclear program, but were turned down by Bush, Cheney and other incompetents who ran our foreign policy. The tragedy of Iran is a result of REPUBLICAN MISTAKES!!

P.S. It is NOT Obama’s war, it is a Republican war!

Obama–Tough Times Ahead In Iraq-Afghanistan, And…

This week over 120 people were killed in Iraq and hundreds wounded as violence continues and continues in a nation that Bush claimed had been restored to some form of peace. A deadline of withdrawal is apparently still operational although there is no sign Iraq is stable and free from assaults by al-Qaeda. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the president warns “there is going to be some hard fighting over the next several months.” Hard fighting in Afghanistan and a timeline that will not be met is the reality of the moment. If 40,000 American troops leave Iraq by August, as specified in the withdrawal plan, the likelihood if for increased violence as the presence of US forces decreases.

The nightmare scenario, which no American leader will admit, is withdrawal of US forces, an outbreak of violence and recall of the soldiers back to Iraq. Reality is that two months have passed in Iraq since elections to Parliament, and still not government!

Fruits Of Bushism Become Obamism

Thee was high expectation after election of Barack Obama that search for the truth would guide America in examining wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2001, a young Canadian born 15 year old boy, Omar Khadr was involved in fighting on the side of the Taliban since his father had brought him to Afghanistan. He was in a battle and someone in the compound where he was threw a grenade that killed an American soldier in the course of fighting. A report at that time written by Lt. Col. W said the person who had thrown the grenade was dead and Omar was the only one left alive. Shortly after, W changed the version to say that Omar was the one who threw the grenade. In 2004, a commando, known only as OC-1 said he had killed the men who threw the grenade.

Omar Khadr is on trial for killing an American soldier. The United States of America initiated a murder trial against a fifteen year old boy who, according to official sources at the time of the incident, did not kill anyone. Now, the Obama administration, to their shame is seeking a plea bargain of five more years in jail, in addition to the eight already served.

Whatever happened to Constitutional law professor, Barack Obama?

How To End War In Afghanistan!

There are several ideas circulating in Afghanistan on ways to persuade Taliban soldiers to give up violence in exchange for more productive work. A Regional Consultative Jirga is identifying ways in which productive work experiences might persuade those who spend their days and nights killing and worrying about getting killed to try another line of work. Among ideas raised are working at road and bridge building, taking “Deradicalization Classes” and accepting jobs in another Muslim nation.
We have come up with our own version of jobs that might attract Taliban soldiers:
1. Being offered not only a trip to Disneyland, but a job at the amusement park.
2. Becoming a contestant on The American Idol.
3. Picking strawberries in California.
4. Shoveling shit for Rush Limbaugh.
5. Being the man who returns Sarah Palin winks with a wink.
6. Becoming mascot for the New York Knicks and enjoying losing every night.
7. Being a servant to John McCain and saying each day, “John, the Vietnam torture experience was worse than anything the Tea Party can do to you.
8. Getting a Facebook site with 1,000 friends.
9. Serving coffee at the Starbucks of their choice.
10, Designing car bombs for frustrated American Muslims who are tired of listening to the Tea Party rants.

Kandahar Kan Or Kan Not Do?

Nine years ago, the Bush administration launched an invasion of Afghanistan in order to wipe out al-Qaeda which was responsible for the 9/11 bombings. Buush pretended to have a policy in Afghanistan and pretended to be building an Afghan army, but once he left for chopping wood in Texas it became clear no policy had ever been implemented to deal with militants in Afghanistan. During the past few months, US and NATO forces with their Afghan allies have supposedly cleared the area around Marjah and are now in Kandahar. General McChrystal describes the campaign in southern regions of the country as slow and difficult. Admiral Mike Mullen is blunter: “I think we’ve been clear for months now that this was going to be a very difficult fight for the south, and tried to set expectations, as tragic as it is, for these losses.”

Everyone agrees things are going slower. Everyone on the scene knows that most Afghans hate the Taliban but also lack much confidence in their own government. The sense on the scene of action is people are hanging back, afraid to trust a government known more for its ability in being corrupt than in its ability to meet needs of citizens. Most probably, they are more sympathetic to the Taliban than to their own government.

So, where does this leave American and NATO forces? There is an old Army expression which may well summarize the situation– “up shit’s creek.”

Dangerous Afghanistan Mission-Train Afghan Soldiers!

A major responsibility for German soldiers stationed in Afghanistan is training recruits for the Afghan army. One would assume this would be relatively safe duty, but to German soldiers who are daily engaged in explaining to recruits the process of how to be a soldier, it might be safer out in the front lines fighting the Taliban. German soldiers were in a major operation with other NATO soldiers as well as over thousand Afghan recruits when they were attacked by Taliban forces. This is not the first time German trainers were killed or wounded when part of an Afghan expedition. As one German spokesman put it: “At the end of the day, training Afghan soldiers in Afghanistan means fighting side by side with the Afghans.” A major problem is lack of experienced officers and the ongoing corruption that is so pervasive in this military forces. How many times are Afghan troops killed by the Taliban who are using military equipment they purchased from Afghan sources?

Four more German soldiers are dead as a result of this attack. At some point, the German population will demand return of their soldiers from Afghanistan. In the meantime President Karzai allows inefficiency and corruption to destroy the morale of his own fighting men.

Karzai–Our Man In Kabul!

The Bush administration told the American people we were invading Afghanistan in 2001 in order to wipe out terrorism and to bring democracy to the people of Afghanistan. That was nine long, long, years ago and today after years of fighting, the American government can say with pride, we have a great leader in Kabul named President Karzai, the problem is who is he leading, the people of Afghanistan or himself? A man who controlled the government of Afghanistan and in case after case was found to have manipulated vote counts, now charges election fraud was caused by the United States. He was specifically asked if the “US carried out fraud,” and his response was–and is==”That’s exactly what happened,” the United States carried out a “massive fraud” and transformed a peaceful democratic election into one in which –??? I am confused, who did the US support in this “massive fraud?” Karzai won the vote count so who were the Americans supporting?

There simply is no logic in this man’s discussion of his country or voting. He insists the U’s refuses to recognize “Afghanistan is a sovereign country.” Actually, he is 100% correct. Afghan is a sovereign country and it is led by their sovereign, King Karzai.

Is President Karzai Mentally Kaput?

As I faintly recall, under the administration of President Bush, conservatives hailed the presence of President Karzai in Afghanistan as proof that democracy was winning in Asia. Fast forward to 2010 and the same Karzai runs the most corrupt regime in the Middle East, he invites President Ahmadinejad to Kabul in order to let Americans know they can not tell him what to do and allows his brother to be head man of drug dealers in southern areas of Afghanistan. Karzai told the media over the past two weeks that America and NATO nations were out to get him and they were a bunch of foreigners who refused to allow Afghans to run the country. White House spokesperson, Robert Gibbs was confused about the Karzai temper tantrum and commented: “Obviously, some of the comments of President Karzai are troubling. They’re cause for real and genuine concern.”

Karzai’s political opponent, Abdullah Abdulalh, offered an explanation of the weird behavior of the president. “As a former colleague(he served as Foreign Minister under Karzai) and doctor, I think this is beyond the normal attitude.” In other words, is a sicko in charge of Afghanistan?

Karzai recently admitted there was corruption and fraud in the last presidential election, but blamed the UN and America for these problems. We repeat, is there a sicko in charge of Afghanistan?