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Battle Fatigue In Afghanistan- Is It Catching?

President Bush and Secretary of State Condi Rice are increasingly becoming concerned over the apparent declining interest among European NATO countries to continue fighting in Afghanistan. Bush recently told the press, that people will say, “we’re kind of tired of Afghanistan and therefore, we think we’re going to leave…That would be my biggest concern.” Rice made a similar point to Canadian Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier whose government will be debating whether or not to extend Afghan military operations past the 2008 deadline.”It is an absolutely essential mission to stabilize Afghanistan,” said Rice.

Bush and Rice continue lavishing praise on the “Brits” and “Aussies,” and the Danes and Dutch for their Afghani contributions, but the world is growing weary of an inept military campaign in that nation. Initially, when America had a chance to completely crush the Taliban, Bush pulled out troops in order to pursue his crazy adventure in Iraq. The American insistence on destroying poppy fields has alienated Afghan farmers. The president never obtained full cooperation from the Musharraf government in Pakistan which continues being a refuge for Taliban warriors. First step in solving the Afghan problem is getting Pakistan to fully cooperate. Second step, is to reconsider the current emphasis on military operations and investigate possible ways to integrate the Taliban within the Afghan government. The third step is ending the farm policy of destroying poppy fields, some British military leaders have even suggested that we simply buy up the entire crop, it would be less costly in the long run.