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Rebels Blast Africa Union Camp In Darfur

A thousand men and at least 30 vehicles crashed into an African Union camp in Darfur killing at least 10 and kidnapping at least 50 in the latest episode of how the world refuses to take a strong stand against brutality in Darfur. A spokesperson for the African Union commented: “Our camp has been destroyed. There is a feeling of shock.” The are reports the attack was launched by a renegade rebel group anxious to make a reputation for itself. The region still awaits the arrival of 26,000 UN troops to help end the massacre of the innocent and rape of the defenseless women of Darfur. One might raise the issue of why aren’t American and European Union helicopters and fighter planes patrolling the area?

Perhaps, it is a stretch to link Iraq to the Sudan, but America’s commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan preclude being able to assist in areas of the world where death and destruction await those without weapons.