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Tsvangirai Calls For Africa To Solve Zimbabwe Problems

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) in Zimbabwe, called for African nations to step in and help end the impasse in his country that has been caused by the refusal of President Mugabe to accept a sharing of power after he stole the presidential election in June. MDC spokesperson, George Sibotshiwe said: “the Zimbabwean issue is far from resolved ands so the continent as a whole has a responsibility to continue to engage with us in finding solutions.” Most observers believe Mugabe just will not surrender meaningful power because he and his clique have too much to lose if an honest government assumes power.

The dilemma for Mugabe is without assent by Tsvangirai he cannot access billions of dollars in foreign aid. His dilemma is maintaining the status quo and watching his nation sink even further into disaster or accept power sharing and have his friends possibly lose money.

G-8 Blasted For Lying To Africa On Aid!

The G-8 nations came under heavy fire from critics who charge the industrial powers continually make promises about large amounts of aid to under developed nations but the rhetoric is not always accompanied by action. President Robert Zoellick of the World Bank, says “when the G-8 leaders make various commitments, it’s important to have a monitoring system.. countries need to deliver on their promises.” In 2005, they pledged $25 billion to Africa, in 2007, they pledged $70 billion to Africa, but there is scant evidence even the majority of such money has ever been delivered. A group founded by Bono, estimates only $3 billion of the 2005 amount ever reached Africa. Charles Abeni of Oxfam says it is common to pledge money for one thing and then shift the emphasis to another.

Perhaps, it is time to draw upon the experience of the Marshall Plan of 1947 which enabled Europe to recover from the devastation of WWII. The Marshall Plan was based on nations coming together, developing plans that included cooperation, and then presenting their ideas for funding. Africa needs a 21st century Marshall Plan. Perhaps, it called by called the Mandela Plan. Such an approach would force African nations to cooperate and share resources. The current system is going nowhere.

Former Ghana Leader Blames Bush And Blair

In a wide ranging interview with a Nigerian news agency, former Ghana President Jerry Rawlings blamed the flawed policies of British Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Bush for creating current problems impacting the African continent. “The crisis in Africa is a consequence of the damage the world has suffered during the leadership of Britain’s Tony Blair and America’s George Bush.” Rawlings claimed the invasion of Iraq in 2003 had undermined “international political morality and the judicial consciousness of the public.” He said he had told world leaders a years ago, “that soon we would see the consequences in about three and five year’s time, particularly in Africa. Today, I have been proved right.”

Rawlings argues the invasion of Iraq “undermined fundamental ethical values” and demonstrated that power could do as it wished. He urged President Yar’Adula of Nigeria to use the vast power of his country to help create a sense of stability in Africa.

Rawlings also admitted his own behavior shortly after taking power in his country resulted in unfortunate decisions such as the execution of key military leaders. He insisted that was not his desire but the rank and file of the Ghana army wanted revenge against many of their officers and he was forced to allow executions.

There is a logic in what Rawlings says about the war in Iraq undermining the rule of law. However, it is doubtful if rulers like Robert Mugabe have ever been impacted by the war in Iraq since their own thrust for power predated that invasion.

Watchful Waiting In Zimbabwe

The High Court in Zimbabwe was expected today to rule on whether to announce returns of the election that was held two weeks ago. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change which undoubtedly won the election is expected to call for a general strike on Tuesday if the results are not released by that point. Experts agree on one point–there is scant likelihood the Election Commission will report the actual figures if they do announce them to the public. The major problem facing the people of Zimbabwe is failure on the part of African leaders such as President Mbeki of South Africa to take action in defense of democracy in their nation. The African Summit meeting this past weekend produced nothing tangible in the way of aiding Zimbabweans other than mouth a few platitudes of concern.

Africa must speak out in the name of freedom for fellow Africans or tell the world the fight for independence on the continent was really one in which those who took part in the struggle had carte blanche to oppress the people whose freedom was won. Cry the beloved continent of Africa for the freedoms you have abandoned in the name of friendship with a brutal thug known as Robert Mugabe.

Have Africans Turned Away From Europe?

The future of European relations toward Africa is facing a severe strain as their former colonies turn away in disgust and irritation at European indifference and double standards toward the continent. Europe currently has bad press in Africa. Pressure exerted on Africa by the European Uniion to sign new trade agreements, the ongoing problem of illegal immigration to Europe from Africa and growing feeling among Africans that Europe looks down on the continent as backward and irrelevant to the modern world. For example, the EU wants new trade agreements which literally would open the entire African continent to their products without being subjected to duties and thus challenge the ability of beginning African entrepreneurs to compete with the goliath of Europe.

Migration is key issue as hundreds of thousands of Africans make the journey north in search of jobs and new lives. There is considerable outrage in Africa over the number of lives lost in the northward quest. Last year 1,861 migrants died trying to cross over to Europe. Fishermen from Italy have even been prosecuted for trying to rescue people.

Many Africans believe anti-African rhetoric resonates well in European election campaigns. They are insulted by the condescending tone used by European leaders in discussing Africa. During a recent visit to Africa, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the following: “Africa’s tragedy is that the African man has not entered into history sufficiently. The African peasant, who since time immemorial has lived according to the rhythm of the seasons and whose ideal is to be in harmony with nature…. he knows only the endless return of time structured by he endless repetition of the same gestures and the same words. In this mode of thought there is no place for the adventure of humanity or the idea of progress….That is Africa’s problem.”

Any nation that has endured the colonial experience is quite familiar with the Sarkozy lecture on life. Those under colonial bondage are always primitive in thought and in desperate need of education for the benevolent colonial ruler. Africans might well inquire of Sarkozy, does the “adventure of humanity or the idea of progress” also includes things like the Holocaust? Africa does not need lectures, it needs economic assistance to stimulate small business enterprises, it needs an end to corruption which removes benefits of oil wealth from being shared by people of societies in which oil is found. Aove all, it needs a partnership in which all sides are respected. Europeans might well consider there is another goliath looming on the economic horizon– China.

Bread “As Scarce As Gold” in Zimbabwe

The crisis of hunger continues in Zimbabwe where the corrupt dictatorial government of Robert Mugabe refuses to abandon its failed policies of driving out farmers who can produce for the nation. His government issues further eviction notices to the last remaining 609 farmers in Zimbabwe and with their departure this month, farms will be under the control of Mugabe’s cronies and friends rather than under the supervision of people who are efficient farmers. The inflation rate is beyond 10,000% and people survive on vegetables because bread is only obtainable on the black market. Industrial capacity is running at 30% of its potential and thousands are without work. It is estimated the unemployment rate is about 70%. Nelson Chamisa, leader of the opposition party says bread is now “as scarce as gold” and millions are suffering. At least a million people have fled from Zimbabwe to South Africa in search of work.

President Mugabe is mainly responsible for this tragedy in which Zimbabwe, once among the richest nations in Africa, has now fallen to among the most poverty stricken. He drove out efficient farmers because they were white and gave the land to his friends. He has stifled opposition parties with brutality. And, the other African nations have remained silent. They once were vocal when whites oppressed Africans, but now silence reigns as black Africans persecute Africans.

Dictator Mugabe Lectures Bush On Human Rights

President Robert Mugabe, who has driven his nation into utter economic ruin and bullied and tortured opponents, gave a fiery speech at the UN denouncing George Bush as a hypocrite. “His hands drip with innocent blood,” shouted the president of Zimbabwe, “of many nationalities. He kills in Iraq. He kills in Afghanistan. And he is supposed to be our master on human rights?” George Bush still doesn’t grasp how his failure to adhere to basic human rights and his boasting about violence do not lead people to regard him a a defender of individual rights. It is sad that America is being given a lecture on human rights by a notorious brute who has never been a supporter of such rights to fellow Zimbabweans.