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Zimbabwe Heads For Complete Collapse

Thousands of Zimbabwe refugees are pouring across the border into South Africa including thousands who may have cholera while those remaining in Zimbabwe are hungry, exhausted and inhabiting a nation whose once outstanding health service has collapsed with hospitals that lack medicine or even food for its patients. President Robert Mugabe is the one completely responsible for this situation but he remains in power while African nations stand idly by and insist they will not act to remove from power the former guerrilla leader who fought against colonialism.

The cases of cholera range from hundreds to possibly thousands, there is no money to pay doctors let alone to purchase medicine. Hundreds of thousands are starving and the health of children will be damaged for years unless they can obtain proper treatment. It is time for Africans to cease the endless complaints about “colonialism” and point the finger of blame right at one of their own–Robert Mugabe. The African Union should immediately make clear it is prepared to send troops into Zimbabwe unless Mugabe resigns and turns the government over to Morgan Tsvangirai who actually won the only election that was free. British colonists are not responsible for the horror of Zimbabwe, it is a 100% African made tragedy.