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Humans On The Move Heading North

Humans have been moving in every direction since the first ones left Africa thousands of years ago. Some headed east, some west, some north, but their progress was slow and steady over the course of many years. In modern times, people are fleeing from terror and violence in southern regions and fleeing anywhere, even to the snows of the north. Mrs. Feiweni fled Eritrea and found herself in below zero degree Sweden. Her initial reaction was fear, cold and bewilderment, but as time passed, like a good migrant she adjusted. “We had not been prepared for the cold and had arrived with think clothes.” Now, she has a job, her children attend school and she has learned to speak Swedish. All too often critics claim refugees do not learn a new language, but most immigrants have to learn or there will be no work opportunities.

Terina Asadi, a young college student from Afghanistan will soon have to leave the area with its snow and head to a town offering university opportunities. “It’s a shame because I love the snow and the summer here is even better. It never gets dark, it’s amazing.” These refugees insist Swedish people are friendly, they have job opportunities and they enjoy becoming a Swede.

So much for the myth about immigrants who do no adjust to new environments.