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Finally An African Leader Speaks About Human Rights!

Among the most serious problems on the African continent is failure on the part of its leaders to take a stand against violations of human rights by other African leaders. They are ready to thunder about colonialism or transgressions on the part of Europeans, but when it comes to thugs like Robert Mugabe or monsters like Sudan President al-Bashir, there is silence because no African leader wishes to break their unofficial vow never to speak ill of an African leader. It was a refreshing surprise to read in The New York Times a blasting column by Nobel Peace prize winner, Desmond Tutu who supports the trial of Sudan’s brutal leader on charges of war crimes against the people of Darfur. Tutu said he was ashamed that so many African leaders had rallied around Bashir. “Because the victims in Sudan are African, African leaders should be the staunchest supporters of efforts to se perpetrators brought to account.”

Instead of standing by those who have suffered, “African leaders have so far rallied behind the man responsible or turning that corner of Africa into a graveyard.”

Cry The Beloved Country Of Zimbabwe!

The silence of African leaders regarding the tragedy of Zimbabwe is deafening but it can not block out the screams and agony of thousands of innocent victims of the Robert Mugabe tyranny which has transformed a vibrant economy into a desert of treeless desolation. While the pseudo defender of democracy rants on and on about colonialism, thousands are dying of starvation and the cholera figure has now passed 1,500. Lawyers for dissident leaders who have been imprisoned by Mugabe are asking the Zimbabwe High Court to declare the president in contempt for destroying the nation. Dozens of opposition leaders and activists have been jailed for daring to oppose Mugabe’s dictatorial regime and there are even reports of a two year old in jail. His crime, undoubtedly, was crying without permission of the one and only leader.

Naturally, Mugabe is trying to prove opponents have plotted to overthrow his government. Of course, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai actually won the only free election only to have it voided by Mugabe.

At this point in time, there are no more words to describe the horror of Zimbabwe under Mugabe. Thousands are currently marching to protest Israel attacks on Gaza, but who is marching for the people of Zimbabwe? Silence….

Mugabe Hires Murderers To Help His Murderers

Thirty years ago, Africans who led the fight against European imperialism charged British, Portuguese and French colonial powers with extensive brutality towards the native population. African freedom fighters urged the international community to stand with them in the battle to end oppression and violence. The leaders have grown old, and quiet in the face of President Mugabe’s campaign of terror against his own people. New reports from officials in the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC), which has opposed Mugabe, report the presence of foreign mercenaries. Patrick Chitaka, an MDC official claims foreign mercenaries have joined the Mugabe thugs who war on people. “We have observed that some of the people leading the violence are foreigners because they speak a different language and they do not understand our local languages. Also, the tactics they are using are not peculiar with Zimbabeweans because they are cutting out the tongue, removing eyes and genital parts. we are not sure where they come from.”

Human right groups have seen similar examples of foreign people working with local Mugabe Zanu-PF thugs and believe the mercenaries are from Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda. The horrors committed by these creatures are horrifying. Where are the leaders of Africa? Why are they silent?

Mugabe Catch 22-You Win You Lose, I Win, I Win

The horror that is Zimbabwe continues as President Mugabe made it clear that under no conditions would he allow his opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai to win the upcoming June 27 run-off election. Mugabe thugs and goons, including the army and police, have been beating, brutalizing and even killing those who favor Tsvangirai. At a youth rally, Mugabe made clear his intentions. “They(his supporters)said this country was won by the barrel of the gun, and should we let it go at the stroke of a pen? Should one just write an X and then the country goes just like that?” Even as he spoke a group of 40 prominent African leaders appealed to the president to respect the concept of fair elections and to cease his policy of forbidding any opponent from winning the election.

Several leaders of African nations have urged Mugabe and Tsvangirai to form a coalition government as was done in Kenya after a similar impasse. Both Mugabe and Tsvangirai have rejected these offers. Morgan Tsvangirai has every right to feel abused, but, he must accept the reality that Mugabe, under no conditions, will allow him to assume the office of president of Zimbabwe. Sometimes, it is better strategy to avoid a fight and plan on resuming the offense at another time and in another place.

African Ministers Try Reason With Mugabe

A high ranking delegation of southern African ministers met with President Robert Mugabe for one more time in an effort to get the wounded tiger of Zimbabwe to devote at least a moment to the needs of his nation rather than to his bruised ego.Angolan Foriegn Minister Jose Jaoao Miranda urged the president to join with all political parties in an effort to have a fair election. Executive director Tomas Salamao of the SADC said he would like to meet with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai but he is not in the country. No, he is not in Zimbabwe because to do so would probably result in his death from the thugs who roam the nation assaulting those who dared to vote against Mugabe.

The SADC and everyone in the wrold except Robert Mugabe knows the only solution is for a fair election to be held under African Union supervision in order to ensure the Zanu-PF thugs cease attacking innocent people.

The reality is there is slight evidence Mugabe has changed his mind about continuing as president. The African Union can talk and talk but until real action is taken, the thugs who run Zimbabwe will continue their murderous behavior.

Mugabe Completes Process of Vote Rigging

President Robert Mugabe has his own unique way of winning elections, simply stuff ballot boxes with your name and the result is a “victory” for the government. The Movement for Demcoratic Change which won the election in Zimbabwe said during the “recount” boxes are simply being stuffed with the name of Mugabe and his party followers. According to DMC spokesperson, Nelson Chamisa: “We have found ballot boxes already open or with no seals. We believe other boxes they opened and forged new seals. This is not an isolated problem.”

Morgan Tsvagirai has decided not to return to Zimbabwe. “It’s no use going back to Zimbabwe and becoming captive…Do you want a dead hero?” Human Rights Watch blasted Mugabe for setting up torture camps where supporters of the MDC were being beaten and forced to reveal names of those supporting Tsvangirai.

The most fascinating change taking place is growing anger among regional leaders at what Mugabe has done, and, in particular at the support being given him by President Mibeki of South Africa. Botswans Foreign Minister Phdnu Skelmani took the unusual step of saying bluntly that Mbeki stood alone at a recent regional meeting in declaring there was no crisis in Zmbabwe. Former UN secretary general Kofi Annan urged African leaders to take a stand: “The question that has been posed is where are the Africans? Where are the leaders of the countries in the region, what are they doing, how can they help the situation? It is a serious crisis with impact beyond Zimbabwe.”