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Gaddafi Urges Europe To Aid Africa, Reduce Immigration

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who currently is chairperson of the African Union, urged those in Europe who were concerned about immigration from Africa such as Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, to support a massive program of economic development for Africa. “If Europe does not want migration, then it has to help us to encourage young people to stay in Africa.” He made clear that he was “against our young people migrating to Europe. I do not want Africa to be drained of its working force and of its youth.” Gaddafi argues the youth of Africa should remain on the continent and develop its resources and economies. The Libyan leader expressed hope the United States under Barack Obama would change its attitude toward Africa and work for cooperation.

It would assist in any reconciliation between the United States and Gaddafi if he would cease assisting terrorist forces and work for peace in the Middle East by supporting the government of President Abbas.

Twisted Logic Of African Union Leaders

The African Union has rules dealing with democratic procedures, and among the most important rule is to oppose any opposition leader who has the support of most people in his nation because that means the current dictator would be forced from office. The AU believes it is important at all costs to maintain the status quo, naturally, this supports the rulers of the African Union who know they will always receive assistance from the AU when opposing forces threaten to overthrow their dictatorial regime. The AU warned Madagascar’s opposition leader that he had no right to take power in violence that has erupted on the island. Andry Rajoelina, mayor of the capital city of Antananarivo said he was now in power but the president of the nation denied any such event had taken place. In the meantime, hundreds are dead or wounded.

Jean Ping, chairperson of the AU Commission says “it is totally forbidden to take power by non-constitutional means” and his organization will oppose any such action. BUT, President Robert Mugabe lost an election and then voided it in order to hold a new election he could win. According to the AU that is OK. After all, Mugabe is part of the in-group of old buddies in arms.

Hypocrisy is written into the by-laws of the African Union.

Zimbabwe Heads For Complete Collapse

Thousands of Zimbabwe refugees are pouring across the border into South Africa including thousands who may have cholera while those remaining in Zimbabwe are hungry, exhausted and inhabiting a nation whose once outstanding health service has collapsed with hospitals that lack medicine or even food for its patients. President Robert Mugabe is the one completely responsible for this situation but he remains in power while African nations stand idly by and insist they will not act to remove from power the former guerrilla leader who fought against colonialism.

The cases of cholera range from hundreds to possibly thousands, there is no money to pay doctors let alone to purchase medicine. Hundreds of thousands are starving and the health of children will be damaged for years unless they can obtain proper treatment. It is time for Africans to cease the endless complaints about “colonialism” and point the finger of blame right at one of their own–Robert Mugabe. The African Union should immediately make clear it is prepared to send troops into Zimbabwe unless Mugabe resigns and turns the government over to Morgan Tsvangirai who actually won the only election that was free. British colonists are not responsible for the horror of Zimbabwe, it is a 100% African made tragedy.

Mugabe Rides In Triumph To African Union Meeting

President Robert Mugabe is flying to Egypt to participate in a meeting of the African Union, flush with his triumph in the one man election that he desired. His opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, who had won the initial voting in March with 48% of the vote, was forced to drop out after 90 of his supporters were killed and thousands beaten and tortured. To the shame of South Africa, its president, Thabo Mbeki, did all in his power to allow the travesty of an election to take place in Zimbabwe. It was not until a few days ago that he finally urged a coalition government– after the election, that is. Just about every group monitoring this “election” condemned it as a farce filled with violence and brutality.

African Union leaders are now suggesting to Mugabe that he negotiate with Tsvangirai, but, after he has won the election, Mugabe knows any negotiation will be with him sitting in the seat of power. It would have been different if African leaders had demanded the election cease and a coalition government be formed. But, as always, African leaders are quick to condemn the West or outside forces, but fail to respect the needs of their own citizens for human rights and the power to elect their own leaders.

Morgan Tsvangirai Seeks Refuge In Dutch Embassy

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change(MDC), entered the Dutch embassy in his country in order to prevent being murdered by the thugs who run the government of Zimbabwe. Even as he entered the protective custody of the Dutch, police raided MDC headquarters and took away over 60 people including men, women and children. The entire nation has been terrorized by gangsters unleashed under the orders of President Mugabe and his ruling Zanu-PF party. Tsvangirai recognized continuing the run-off election would only result in further deaths of innocent people. “We are prepared, ” he said, ” to negotiate with Zanu-PF, but of course it is important for certain principle to be accepted before the negotiations take place. One of the preconditions is that the violence against the people must be stopped.”

Nations of Africa increasingly have lost patience with Mugabe, despite his past history as a fighter for freedom. Zambia president Levy Mwanawasa said the run-off must be halted to “avert a catastrophe in this region” and leaders of Angola, Swaziland, and Tanzania also expressed concern about the Mugabe violence. Helen Zille, leader of the Democratic Alliance in South Africa, blasted the Mugabe government as a threat to peace and sharply condemned failure on the part of President Mbeki of South Africa to take a stand. She urged cutting off diplomatic relations with Zimbabwe in order to send a message.

Zimbabwe Tragedy Gets Worse

A delegation from the Southern African Development Community arrived in Haare for talks with Zimbabwe leaders about the importance of holding a democratic election. The Afri an Union has been under pressure from the UN and western nations to take the lead in helping Zimbabwe to have some form of democracy. Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who met with Gordon Tsvangirai, said the political crisis in Zimbabwe was an embarrassment to the entire African continent. “We are going to ask the African Union to be more proactive when dealing with this issue. The fact that elections can be held in an independent country and it takes more than a month for the results to be announced is sad. That is not really how you want to run a democracy. The rest of Africa is silent and that is not good for democracy.”

In the meantime, it appears the Chinese shipment of weapons that South African dockworkers refused to unload may have secretly been unloaded in Angola because the Zimbabwe government claims the weapons have arrived. Beatings and klling of those who supported opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai are still going on.

Vote Mugabe Way Or Die The Mugabe Way!

President Robert Mugabe is a reasonable man, he might even allow his opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, to receive about 5% of the vote the next time an election is held in Zmbabwe. Mugabe lost but does not intend to lose again. He has unleashed the boys of April with guns drawn to wander around the nation giving people “lectures” about how to vote correctly the next time they enter a polling booth. For example, at Louis Guideotti hospital, patients were dragged from beds and nurses forced to abandon their duties in order to attend an open air information session in which they were told: “You messed up when you voted. Next time you vote you must get it right or you will die.” Buses have been halted and passengers warned they had better vote correctly.

Mugabe’s strategy began with forcing the remaining white farmers off their land in order to characterize the election as one in which he stands proud against the forces of imperialism. The attack on white farmers was only a prelude to the real object of his anger–Zimbabweans who dared voting against him. His plan is to implement this reign of terror before the run-off is announced in order to have voters intimidated prior to arrival of foreign observers.

Jacob Zuma, who probably will become the next president of South Africa, is taking a strong stand against Mugabe, unlike President Mbeki. The African Union must announce a complete boycott of the nation of Zimbabwe and cutting off diplomatic relations unless Mugabe steps down and allows current election results to count. The time for action is now.

Remember Darfur? It’s Happening Again

Darfur enters and slips out of the news with frequency. It appears the organized process of death and destruction on the part of the Sudan government has been renewed with ever increasing fury as janjaweed and Sudanese military resume their scorched earth policy of driving out the people of Darfur. The same old tactics are being used. Air bombings, followed by sending in ground forces, looting, killing and rape while the world stands idly by engaged in its endless debate on how to persuade the government of the Sudan to behave in a civilized manner. The Independent reports the village of Sileah, which once had a population of about 20,000, was found by UN officials now to have a few hundred left after the latest attacks by janjaweed and Sudan forces. Witnesses say girls as young as 10 were mass-raped by government troops. Most people are fleeing with whatever they have on their bodies and all possessions are left behind.

The Sudan government basically doesn’t care what Hollywood celebrities or if the world issues concerned statements, it goes on and on with the massacre of the innocent. In fact, the Sudan air force parks its bombers at the same airport which has UN planes. A tiny Africa Union force of 7,500 is blocked and frustrated by the Sudan government at every turn and despite more speeches by western politicians, the killing has resumed with ever increasing ferocity.

Chad Rebels Fighting In Capital

Hundreds of Chad rebels penetrated the capital of Chad as they fought against government forces. It is believed the fighting is raging just outside the presidential palace after the rebels made a lightening advance across the oil-producing African nation. Col. Thierry Burkhard, a French miiitary spokesperson, said about 1,500 rebels are now actualy in the capital. Ibni Oumar Mahamat Saleh, a leader of the opposition which is supporting the rebels, said the state radio has gone off the air, and “at the moment we are not hearing any firing. The rebels are in the city. Civilians are in the streets. They are watching what is happening.”

The fighting has led the European Union to delay dispatching its peacekeeping mission to both Chad and the neighboring Central African Republic. The EU forces were supposed to protect nations from the chaos caused by the Sudan government’s policies in Darfur which has led to insurgencies flowing out of Darfur into neighboring African nations. The new head of the African Union said Satrudy that the bloc would not recognize Chadian rebels should they seizee poweer. “If the rebellion succeeds cetainly we will excommunicte them from the African Union ntil normalcy and democratic institutions are restored in that country,” said Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete.

One can only support the African Union’s decision to protect democracy in Chad. But, it is confusing that no such stand has been taken against President Kibaki in Kenya who, literally, overthrew an election result through voting fraud and manipulation which has resulted in chaos in the country. Why does the AU have contradictory policies?

Goodbye Africa-Hello Europe!

Libyan leader, Moamer Kadhafi, made it clear to members of the African Union he would turn his back on the black portion of Africa and redirect his money elsewhere– to Europe or to the Mediterranean area. The upcoming Addis Abba African Union summit “must mark a decisive step in the eastablishment of African unity” and “anyone who blocks the unity project is part of a conspiracy to sell Africa to the highest bidder.” Kadhafi wants a federal African government among the continent’s 53 member nations. He believes the African Union commission is a dead letter “without any power and ought to be replaced by an executive cabinet.”

A key aspiration of Kadhafi is enabling the Arab portion of Africa to assume greater control over the African Union. Kadhfi noted the Arabn states have been deprived of assuming leadership of the AU “even though they represent two-thirds of the continent and contribue 60% of the African Union’s budget.” The Libyan leader charged “if this situation persists, it will be tantamount fo racism against Arabs.”

There is scant hope any form of federal government will be initiated for the African continent. At the southern tip of Africa lies a powerful and ever wealthier South Africa, towards the north lies Nigeria which will probably become the most populous nation on the continent and is divided between Muslims and Christians while to its east lies the military power of Ethiopia, another basically Christian nation with strong ties to the United States. None of these powerful nations will allow the Arab portion of the continent to assume leadership.